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Study Suggests Aged Who Walks Dogs Likely To Send Them To ER

Elder people are generally recommended physical exercise on a regular basis. However, research has found out that going for a walk with a dog can have higher chances for fractures among old people. An injury from this might lead to life threatening incidents and in fact, those kinds of accidents are happening on an increased level. A study was conducted on patients who have been to emergency rooms in various clinics and hospitals in US from a period of 2004 to 2017.

Researchers found that there have been 32,000 reported cases of emergency incidents like fractures. And those were from people aged 65 or more who went on walks with leashed dogs. In 2004, the number of cases was 1671. The number increased to 4,396 in 2017. Researchers from Pennsylvania University said that medical experts need to be careful about the risks of patients when they recommend them exercise. Older people already bear tendencies towards physical vulnerability due to decreased mass in bones and therefore generally run risks of falling frequently. Older women with dogs have even more chances of fractures and other such injuries. This is because females are more prone towards developing calcium deficiency and several other bone diseases. Study revealed that 78.6% of those fracture cases were women.

The study did not take into consideration other minor wounds or injuries which are not fracture. However, there can be a many other accidents leading older pet owners to emergency departments. Experts have said that older people who live alone and suffer from less bone mineral density should think before leading their leashed dogs out on roads. Even the slightest injuries can lead to paralysis, hip fractures and other complicated diseases. Experts should warn older patients against using dog walking as their mode of exercise, or training bigger dogs.

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