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Rocket Lab’s 1st Launch Of 2019 Postponed Owing To Delayed Payload Deliver

The first launch for Rocket Lab at the end of February has been delayed and pushed to the second part of March. A delay in the initial payload delivery, which was an experimental military satellite, was the cause of this delay. It was reported by the Project research division of the Defense that the R3D2 satellite arrived on the 4th of March in New Zealand. It was scheduled to infuse with the Vehicle manufactured by Rocket Lab. This payload was a demonstration satellite for reduction in the Radiofrequency risk. The launch is also planned to take place in the LC complex of New Zealand, in the 2nd half of March.

Rocket Lab has reported that the R3D2 aircraft is presently stationed in the LC-1 facility in New Zealand, where it is scheduled to talk off in the 2nd half of March. This was reported after there was an initial delay in the payload delivery. Rocket Lab has also mentioned that the launch is going to take place someday from March 16 to the 30th. This launch would also have a 4 hour window per day according to Eastern time (6:30 to 10:30Pm)

Although, it was the plan initially to schedule the launch in March, a DARPA consultant said that it was probably for the best. This added delay in the launch would allow the contractors to prep up the vehicle and the verification and validation process can be completed, under little time pressure. According to Northrop Grummman, the R3D2 is scheduled to test some deployable antennas. The craft will release a Kapton membrane once it reached the orbit. This membrane will expand up to 2.25 meters in diameter soon after that. This test would show that the vehicles carrying satellites to space would be prepped with the capacity to carry a large instrument, used for a better communications system.


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