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Severe Infection During Pregnancy Increases Autism, Depression Risk In Kids

Researchers have recently concluded that children who are born to mothers, who have been suffering from a severe infection or fl, during pregnancy, show an increased risk of suffering from premature depression and autism disorder. Mothers who could be suffering for something as small as a urinary tract infection, might also has a risk of giving birth to children who suffer from autism disorder.

According to Doctor Kristina Adams it is very important for a pregnant woman to take vaccination against influenza as early as possible. Dr Waeldorf is a co-author and researcher at the Washington University, medicine school, Seattle. She also added it not always necessary that there be risks from such infections yes at times it could be harmful for the brain development and the overall health of the child.  Data has been analyzed for the national health registry which included information about all the mothers who were hospitalized from 1973 to 2014. Thereafter they conducted an extensive research on the condition of the child’s health that stayed in Sweden.

Records of almost 1,791,520 have been followed up and it was studied that how many of them were exposed to a uterine infection. The study was published this Wednesday in JAMA Psychiatry.  Research has shown that the children who have been subjected to an infection in the mother’s womb have a 79% higher chance of suffering from the autism disorder and also 24% are likely to experience depression syndrome.  He said that the studied conducted between the connection between pregnancy infection and depression has been studied extensively. It has concluded that most of the childhood suicide was due to an exposure to an infection in the Womb. There are other side effects that are there due to the usage of the vaccination, yet depression and autism are one of the most important ones.

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