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2019 To Be A Decisive Year For Ariane 6, Says ArianeGroup

The Ariane Group says that this year will be a decisive year for the Ariane 6 rocket as they are very close to getting all their propulsion tests qualified by the board. This December, they are going to carry out full upper stage propulsion test for the Ariane 6 rockets. In spite of the progress reports, the Cour des competes, the audit firm from France says that the rockets are not competitive enough for the American rival, SpaceX.

CNES from France provides a major portion of funding received by the Ariane 6 rockets, making France interested in working out the long-term strategy for rockets. The state auditor of France says that this rocket merely provides a transitory response to the challenges to the rival US SpaceX program. This seems to be just another step in the rise to power program started by the American rival company. The French source confirms that there is need for the Ariane rockets to evolve, which can only be possible if there are decisions taken at the European level. The Deputy Head of media for the Ariane Group says that they would not comment on this statement. He mentioned that the program would be on schedule as the plan earlier. Julien Watelet also said that they are pleased with the way the rockets are turning out to be successful as expected and to increase the competitiveness of the company, Cour des competes made calls for inviting investment from the external sources of funding for the development of the Ariane program.

They have mentioned in the report that, to increase the potential of the Ariane mission, there has to be complete usage of the funds that are being provided from the European sources. This would require that all the members if the state are willing to back the rocket development program.

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